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March 25, 2023


Timothy Paul Lovejoy, popularly known as Tim Lovejoy, is a British television presenter, best known for his work on shows like Soccer AM, Something for the Weekend, and Sunday Brunch. While many know him as a TV personality and sports enthusiast, there are several lesser-known facts about Tim Lovejoy that are sure to surprise you. In this blog post, we’ll explore 5 surprising facts about Tim Lovejoy that you need to know.

Section 1: Childhood and Education

Born on March 28, 1968, in Sussex, England, Tim Lovejoy had a humble beginning. His father worked in a music store and his mother was a housewife. They struggled financially, but Tim’s parents were supportive of his education. Tim attended the King’s School, an independent boarding school in Canterbury. It is here that he developed his love for football, a sport that he would later become synonymous with. After finishing school, Tim pursued a degree in Sports Science from Chelsea College.

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Section 2: Early Career

Tim Lovejoy’s first job was at a record shop in Croydon. It was here that he developed an interest in music and eventually started working in radio as a producer. In 1996, he joined the TV show Soccer AM on Sky Sports, which would become his big break. He co-hosted the show for over a decade and gained a massive following. His charismatic personality, witty humor, and love for football made him a fan favorite.

Section 3: Personal Life

Tim Lovejoy is a divorced father of three children. He was married to Jade Lovejoy, whom he met during his early career in radio. Unfortunately, the couple separated after 15 years of marriage in 2016. Tim loves spending time with his children and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. He is also an avid music lover and enjoys attending music festivals.

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Section 4: Philanthropy

Tim Lovejoy is a passionate philanthropist and has been involved in various charity events. In 2013, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Comic Relief, a British charity that aims to tackle poverty. He also supports charities like Teenage Cancer Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and Children in Need. Tim has participated in several charity events and raised thousands of pounds for various causes.

Section 5: Entrepreneurship

Tim Lovejoy is a co-owner of the restaurant and bar, The Lovejoy, in London’s Shoreditch. The venue offers a relaxed atmosphere, delectable food, and live music, making it a favorite among locals. Tim also owns a coffee brand, the Ground Coffee Society, and a gin brand, The Sunday Brunch Gin.

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Q1. What TV shows has Tim Lovejoy hosted?
A. Tim Lovejoy has hosted shows like Soccer AM, Something for the Weekend, and Sunday Brunch.

Q2. Is Tim Lovejoy married?
A. No, Tim Lovejoy is divorced.

Q3. What charity events has Tim Lovejoy participated in?
A. Tim Lovejoy has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief and raised money for Teenage Cancer Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and Children in Need.

Q4. What is The Lovejoy?
A. The Lovejoy is a restaurant and bar in London’s Shoreditch.

Q5. What is The Ground Coffee Society?
A. The Ground Coffee Society is a coffee brand owned by Tim Lovejoy.

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Q6. What is The Sunday Brunch Gin?
A. The Sunday Brunch Gin is a gin brand owned by Tim Lovejoy.

Q7. What is Tim Lovejoy’s favorite outdoor activity?
A. Tim Lovejoy enjoys hiking and cycling.


Tim Lovejoy, once a record shop employee, has become a TV personality, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and a household name. From hosting popular TV shows to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity, Tim Lovejoy has achieved a lot in his career. While he may be known for his love for football and humor, his dedication to charity and entrepreneurship are equally noteworthy. We hope you enjoyed reading about these surprising facts about Tim Lovejoy. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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