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September 2, 2022

Skid steer tire tracks work enormously well on concrete and various other hand surfaces but eventually get stuck on muddy, sandy, or snowy grounds. Operating the OTT (over the tire) track systems can help prevent getting stuck, and OTT track holders have many features for skid steer loaders.


They help us to improve flotation, performance, and efficiency over a wide range of terrains and make the machine more robust.


Here are the five reasons to consider skid steer over the tire tracks


  • The installation process goes smoothly and with ease


Over the years, tire tracks have come with installation kits and have an easy-to-understand process. This process also enhances taking them off as needed and thus reduces the downtime.

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  • It increases mobility


Using an OTT system is a wise decision if you plan to work in environments with demolition debris, tree branches, and other obstacles covering the ground. Moreover, your skid steer loader is less likely to sink and get stuck in sandy terrain when you use the tire track system.


  • Flexible and strong traction


OTT rubber tracks go with both tires on your skid steer attachments. It offers remote stability and traction, which is encountered in working on steep, hilly terrains on a safer and easier side.


  • Better protection and covering on tires


Using OTT on your skid steer can improve the lives of your tires. They are fit and sturdy and can help you avoid punctures caused by dirt and debris on harsh surfaces, which ensures a better service life for your equipment.

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  • Get reasonable overall control of your equipment.


OTT rubber tracks are specially designed to provide a smoother and controllable ride for the operator in terms of stress-free appearance and better mechanical stability.


Get to know the best selection of tire rubber tracks


OTT equipment is well known for high quality at the best price offered. We feature a wide range of OTT systems and steel over tire tracks, and we are here to help you find the perfect suitable product for your model machine. Additionally, we are also lead manufacturers of compact track holders.


Classifications of over-the-tire tracks for skid steer attachments


  • Over the tire rubber tracks
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There is a great option and floatation on skid steer if you want to enhance traction. These tracks are for better control and increased stability while working on rocky, muddy, gravel ground, which applies easy conditions.


It helps reduce machine vibrations activated on a smooth ride, which benefits skid steer operators’ appreciation point of view. In significance to this, OTT tracks no damage caused or marks no blacktop on concrete surfaces.


  • Steel is getting over the tire tracks.


These types of OTT are cost-friendly and power as an excellent alternative for skid steer loaders, providing maximum traction and better grip on uneven surfaces. They are also ideal for standing on operational sand, mud, and clay to float on muddy terrains.

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You can try out these OTT tracks on stones and gravel construction sites to save your tires from being damaged by abrasive materials in the future.


Final words


Tire tracks provide significant benefits in a matter of minutes. In other words, it helps to seek fewer lbs of pressure per square inch on a broader platform to get traction in mud and sand.























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