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April 25, 2023

The Voice of Speedway Racing Revealed in Exclusive Interviews

Have you ever watched a speedway race and wondered who the commentator is behind the voice that makes the experience top-notch? Well, we’re here to introduce you to the voice of speedway racing, Dick Berggren. Berggren has been in the sports broadcasting industry for over 30 years and has become a household name among speedway racing enthusiasts.

In this exclusive interview, we bring you insights on Berggren’s journey in the sportscasting industry, his experiences with professional drivers, and his predictions for the future of speedway racing. Join us on a journey to uncover the life and work of the “Voice of Speedway.”

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Who is Dick Berggren?

Dick Berggren grew up in a small town in New England and had an early passion for racing. He started as a local street racer and had a successful run before venturing into sports broadcasting. Berggren’s career has seen him play many roles in the industry, from pit reporting to hosting.

Berggren’s Experience as a Sports Broadcaster

With over 30 years in the industry, Berggren’s experience dates back to the days when speedway racing wasn’t televised. He has seen a revolution in the way sports are broadcasted and has been part of the growth of speedway racing as a global sport.

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Berggren’s Unforgettable Experiences with Professional Drivers

Berggren has had interactions with professional drivers at both a personal and professional level. His interactions with legends such as Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon are memorable not just for him but also for fans who followed their careers. He has also shared sponsorship with drivers in the early days of his racing career.

The Future of Speedway Racing with Dick Berggren

Berggren has seen speedway racing grow from a regional sport to a global phenomenon. In this interview, he shares his predictions for the future of the sport, including the impact of technology and the role of young and upcoming drivers in shaping the industry.

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Q1. How did Dick Berggren get started in sports broadcasting?

A1. Growing up, Berggren had a passion for racing, which he later pursued as a local street racer. He ventured into sports broadcasting in the early 1970s, starting as a commentator for local races.

Q2. What are some of Dick Berggren’s most memorable experiences in sports broadcasting?

A2. Berggren has had countless memorable experiences in his three decades in the industry. His interaction with legends such as Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon stands out, as well as the evolution of speedway racing from regional to a global sport.

Q3. How has technology impacted speedway racing?

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A3. Technology has had a significant impact on speedway racing, particularly in car design, aerodynamics, and safety. The introduction of telemetry systems has also made it easier for teams to monitor their cars’ performance.

Q4. What is Dick Berggren’s view on the role of young drivers in the future of speedway racing?

A4. According to Berggren, the future of speedway racing lies in the hands of young and upcoming drivers. He believes that their ideas and creativity will shape the industry’s future.

Q5. What advice does Dick Berggren have for aspiring sports broadcasters?

A5. Berggren advises aspiring sports broadcasters to follow their passion, strive for excellence, and always be prepared to learn and improve.

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Q6. Who are some of the most inspirational drivers to Dick Berggren?

A6. Berggren’s list of inspirational drivers includes legends such as Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, and Tony Stewart.

Q7. How has Dick Berggren’s legacy influenced the future of sports broadcasting?

A7. Berggren’s legacy has been documented in several publications and documentaries, inspiring a generation of sports broadcasters to pursue their dreams and excel in their careers.


Dick Berggren’s journey in the sports broadcasting industry is an inspiration to many. His passion, dedication, and contribution to the growth of speedway racing are unmatched. As we wrap up this exclusive interview, we encourage you to learn more about the life and work of the “Voice of Speedway” and continue supporting and enjoying your favorite sport.

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