July 27, 2022

When it comes to e-commerce, there is no one like the mighty Amazon. This is why it makes sense to use Amazon Web Services, the cloud hosting unit of the company, for your online ventures.


Before we formally begin on the topic of this article, it seems important to provide a brief introduction of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to any new readers.


In July 2002, almost two decades ago, Amazon opened up its hosting infrastructure to all developers. Within two years of launch, over 100 applications were built on top of AWS. This started Amazon’s journey as a hosting infrastructure provider. In 2006, AWS formally launched cloud technologies for developers to use. Unlike previous hosting technologies, AWS was more focused on providing data usage solutions than data storage solutions. The focus of the internet suddenly changed from creating websites to developing web apps.

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This paved the way for ecommerce development. Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce development platforms on the internet. You can easily create a scalable ecommerce store on Magento.


However, you need to deploy your store on a highly optimized hosting platform using state-of-the-art infrastructure if you want to get quick and lasting results.


If you are looking for a new hosting platform for your current (or new) Magento stores, you should go for AWS cloud servers. However, it’s not easy to host Magento stores directly on AWS unless you are a cloud hosting expert.


Worry not! There is an easier way.

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Choose Managed Magento Hosting on AWS

When you book servers directly from Amazon Web Services (AWS), you will only get barebone infrastructure with your desired amount of computing power and data storage. From there onwards, you will have to do everything! From installing the OS to configuring a hosting stack and deploying your Magento store, you will have to complete everything by yourself (or you can get a cloud expert). Yes, this all can get overwhelming–and it can fail at multiple points.


A smarter thing to do is to get Managed Magento Hosting on AWS cloud servers. Managed hosting providers offer one-click solutions needed by web app and ecommerce developers. Devrims is one of the easiest and most convenient Managed Magento Services available on the internet.

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With Devrims, you don’t have to do much when it comes to server management. As an ecommerce store owner, your focus should be on the business side of things. You don’t need to worry about anything as Devrims will be your partner in managing your Magento cloud servers on AWS.

Salient Features of Managed Magento Hosting on AWS

Devrims provides an easy-to-use, one-click solution for deploying Magento stores on AWS cloud. In all honesty, directly hosting Magento on AWS is not an easy job. Amazon clouds are built around the needs of SysAdmins–and that is not everyone’s cup of tea. Devrims is what you need if you want to launch Magento stores easily without any hosting hassles. Using the Platform, you can easily spin AWS cloud servers with pre-configured Magento on a lightning fast hosting stack. Plus, all this can be achieved in less than an hour!

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No one likes a slow ecommerce store. Speedy performance is vital for the survival of any online business. Amazon invested millions of dollars in their data centers to provide first-class infrastructure for Magento entrepreneurs. When you deploy your Magento store on AWS through Devrims, you not only unlock faster load times , but you also get continued operational excellence. The infrastructure of AWS is known for its 99.999% uptime throughout the year. So, you are always open for business.


When you are hosting on AWS cloud through Devrims, you are unlocking a new era of business operability. First of all, you can test out the services for free! Get a feel of things to know what to expect and then make a decision. No cloud platform will give you such flexibility. Once onboard, you can scale your AWS setup whenever there’s a need. You do not need to worry about a sudden influx of traffic on your Magento store during the upcoming holiday season.

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Keeping with the traditions of cloud hosting, Devrims Managed Magento Hosting on Amazon works on a pay-as-you-go mechanism. Simply put, you pay for the time and services you use. Devrims does not believe in locking your business in any financial obligations apart from the service you are using. This way, you can set up a lean business framework where you can run campaigns with scaled infrastructure without having to worry about bill shock. Just plan your activities out by using hourly pay plans. Confused? Their 24×7 support team is waiting to help you with any questions or concerns. So, how much does it cost? Well, the lowest plan costs $18.25 per month or $0.025 per hour.

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How to use Managed Magento Hosting on AWS


Sign up or login to the Devrims platform using your preferred credentials.


Step 1: Start by clicking “Add New Server”.


Step 2: Pick Magento as your desired web application and select your preferred version.


Step 3: Select the Tech Stack of your choice. (This may look tricky. However, Devrims is a smart cloud platform. You will see a TECH stack already selected for you. Just go with this choice.)


Step 4: As Devrims is a smart cloud hosting platform, it will recommend a collection of software services for optimal Magento performance. Just go with this choice. If you wish, you can change versions of PHP and database software by clicking on their buttons.

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Step 5: Choose AWS.


Step 6: Pick a hosting location. It’s always a good idea to host near your targeted audience. In total, Devrims offers 21 AWS server locations. Pick one that’s suitable for you.


Step 7: Choose your Server Plan as per your needs. Devrims offers three types of server plans: General Purpose (CPU-RAM balanced), CPU Optimized (More CPU), or Memory Optimized (More RAM). For now, go with General Purpose.




Step 8: Select Data Volume. For a start, 15GB is enough. Plus, you can always scale up later.

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Step 9: Now give your server and application unique names in the Configurations sections.


Step 10: Set your application admin credentials. Click on Auto Generate. Alternatively, you can type your own username and password.


Step 11: Set your application admin credentials.


Step 12: Check the Summary of your expected Server cost.


Step 13: Acknowledge that you agree to our Terms & Conditions policy document by clicking the check box. Then, hit Deploy.


Within a few minutes, your server will be ready for action!

It’s Go Time!

Devrims is the best Managed Magento Hosting on AWS platform on the planet. The platform offers fastest Magento hosting services with exceptional free add-ons, like free SSL, free Elasticsearch, dedicated 24×7 live chat and ticket support, etc. Plus, you get one free Magento website migration! So, what are you waiting for? Check Devrims now.ges:

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