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March 27, 2023


Michael Ondaatje is a Sri Lankan-Canadian author whose words have touched countless hearts and minds. His literary works span from poetic collections to novels, and even a memoir. Ondaatje’s journey has been anything but ordinary, and his life story is as captivating as his writing. From his upbringing in Sri Lanka to his prestigious literary laureate status, Ondaatje’s story inspires people to follow their passions despite any obstacles they may face.

Section 1: Growing up in Sri Lanka

Ondaatje was born in 1943 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Growing up, he witnessed the struggles and tensions associated with Sri Lanka’s colonial past, which influenced much of his writing. His father was a Tamil from Jaffna, while his mother’s family was from the Dutch Burgher community. He attended St. Thomas’ College in Colombo, where he had his first taste of literature. Ondaatje’s childhood experiences in Sri Lanka helped shape his voice as a writer, as evidenced in his works like “Running in the Family” and “Anil’s Ghost.”

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Section 2: Moving to England

In 1954, at the age of 11, Ondaatje moved with his mother to England, where he attended Dulwich College. During his time in England, he fell in love with reading and began writing his own poems. In an interview with the Guardian, Ondaatje stated, “When I was a teenager, I read poetry to become part of something larger” – and that he did. Ondaatje’s poetry was published in various literary magazines, eventually leading to the publication of his first full-length poetry collection, “The Dainty Monsters.”

Section 3: Arrival in Canada

In 1962, Ondaatje made his way to Canada to attend the University of Toronto, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Canada provided new opportunities for Ondaatje, and he quickly became part of the literary scene. He edited a literary journal, brick, and taught creative writing at York University. During this period, he also wrote his first novel, “The Collected Works of Billy the Kid.”

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Section 4: Literary Success with “The English Patient”

In 1992, Ondaatje gained international recognition with his novel, “The English Patient.” The book was a best-seller and won the prestigious Booker Prize. The novel was later adapted into a film that won nine Academy Awards. “The English Patient” explores the complexities of identity, love, and war. The poetic language and vivid descriptions made it a literary masterpiece, solidifying Ondaatje’s place in the literary world.

Section 5: Awards and Accolades

Throughout his career, Ondaatje has received numerous awards and accolades for his work. In addition to winning the Booker Prize, he has won the Governor General’s Award, the Giller Prize, and the Irish Times International Fiction Prize, among others. He was also appointed Officer of the Order of Canada in 1988 and was promoted to Companion in 2016.

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Section 6: The Art of Writing

Ondaatje’s writing style is often described as poetic and lyrical. He is a master of imagery and metaphors, and his works are known for their deep emotional impact. In an interview with the Paris Review, Ondaatje reflected on his creative process, stating, “For me, writing is a way of trying to understand the world around me.” He often draws inspiration from his own experiences, which he transforms into something beautiful through his writing.

Section 7: FAQs

Q1: What are the major themes in Ondaatje’s writing?
A: Ondaatje’s writing often explores themes of identity, love, war, and human connection.

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Q2: What is Ondaatje’s most famous work?
A: “The English Patient” is Ondaatje’s most famous work, which won the Booker Prize in 1992.

Q3: What literary awards has Ondaatje won?
A: Ondaatje has won several literary awards, including the Booker Prize, Governor General’s Award, and the Giller Prize.

Q4: What is Ondaatje’s writing style?
A: Ondaatje’s writing style is often described as poetic and lyrical, with vivid imagery and metaphors.

Q5: How has Ondaatje’s upbringing influenced his writing?
A: Ondaatje’s upbringing in Sri Lanka and experiences with colonialism have greatly influenced his writing.

Q6: What is Ondaatje’s approach to writing?
A: For Ondaatje, writing is a way of understanding the world around him. He often draws inspiration from his own experiences.

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Q7: What other novels has Ondaatje written?
A: In addition to “The English Patient,” Ondaatje has written several other novels, including “Coming Through Slaughter” and “Divisadero.”


Michael Ondaatje’s journey from Sri Lanka to Canada highlights the power of perseverance, passion, and resilience. His writing has touched countless people and has cemented his place as one of the greatest literary geniuses of our time. Ondaatje’s life story is a testament to the fact that no matter where we come from, what we’ve been through, or what challenges we face – we all possess the ability to create, inspire, and make a difference in the world. Follow your passions, embrace your identity, and celebrate your uniqueness.

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