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March 9, 2023


Priscilla Pugliese is an inspirational figure who has captured the hearts of many people with her entrepreneurial journey. She was once a corporate employee in the United States who found herself unfulfilled and unhappy with her work. She took a leap of faith to pursue her passion, which resulted in the creation of a successful purpose-driven business. In this blog post, we will explore the inspiring journey of Priscilla Pugliese, from corporate America to a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

Section 1: The early years

Priscilla Pugliese was born and raised in Brazil, where her passion for entrepreneurship was sparked at a young age. She was inspired by her mother, who was a self-made businesswoman. Priscilla was fascinated by her mother’s ability to create something out of nothing and saw entrepreneurship as a way to make a positive impact on the world. She also witnessed the struggles her mother faced and knew that entrepreneurship was not easy, but her drive to pursue her dreams was ignited.

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Section 2: Corporate America

After finishing her study in Brazil, Priscilla Pugliese moved to the United States to pursue her career. She worked for several years in the corporate world, but over time, she found herself unfulfilled and stressed out. Her job was not providing her with the joy and fulfillment she had hoped for, and she knew she had to make a change.

Section 3: Finding purpose

Priscilla Pugliese realized that she needed to find her passion and purpose in life. After much self-reflection, she discovered that her passion was helping others. She wanted to help people who were struggling with their lives and empower them to live their best lives. She also realized that she wanted to create a business that had a meaningful impact on the world.

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Section 4: Starting a business

Priscilla Pugliese took a leap of faith and started her business, which specialized in coaching and training programs. She was determined to make it work and poured all her energy into building her business. Despite the challenges and difficulties, she persisted and gradually saw success.

Section 5: Overcoming challenges

Starting a business is not easy, and Priscilla Pugliese faced many challenges along the way. However, she did not let these challenges defeat her. She remained steadfast in her pursuit of success and continued to work hard to overcome every obstacle that came her way.

Section 6: Creating impact

Priscilla Pugliese’s business has had a significant impact on many people’s lives. She has helped numerous individuals transform their lives and achieve their dreams. Through her coaching and training programs, she has empowered people to discover their true potential and live meaningful and purposeful lives.

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Section 7: The power of purpose

Priscilla Pugliese’s story teaches us the power of purpose. Pursuing something that truly fulfills us can bring us immense happiness and satisfaction in life. By discovering our passion and purpose, we can live a life filled with joy, purpose, and meaning. As Priscilla’s story demonstrates, when we follow our passions and purpose, we can make a positive impact on the world.

7 FAQs

1. What inspired Priscilla Pugliese to become an entrepreneur?

Priscilla was inspired by her mother, who was a self-made businesswoman.

2. What was Priscilla Pugliese’s job before she started her business?

Priscilla worked in the corporate world for several years.

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3. What did Priscilla Pugliese realize was her passion?

Priscilla realized that her passion was helping others and creating a meaningful impact in the world.

4. What challenges did Priscilla Pugliese face when starting her business?

Priscilla faced numerous challenges when starting her business, including financial difficulties, lack of resources, and competition.

5. What impact has Priscilla Pugliese’s business had on people’s lives?

Priscilla’s business has helped individuals transform their lives and achieve their dreams.

6. What can we learn from Priscilla Pugliese’s story?

We can learn the power of purpose and the importance of pursuing something that truly excites us.

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7. How can we discover our passion and purpose?

We can discover our passion and purpose through self-reflection, exploring new experiences, and paying attention to what excites and motivates us.


Priscilla Pugliese’s journey from corporate America to becoming a purpose-driven entrepreneur is an inspirational story that teaches us the importance of pursuing our passion and purpose. Despite the challenges and difficulties she faced, Priscilla persisted and built a successful business that has transformed many lives. Her story demonstrates the power of purpose in creating positive change in the world. We can all learn from Priscilla’s journey and apply the lessons to our own lives. For those who are struggling to find their passion and purpose, remember that it is never too late to start and pursue what truly motivates and fulfills us.

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