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June 13, 2023


Every success story begins with a struggle. The same goes for Stailey Tanjutco, who started as a struggling entrepreneur and is now a millionaire venture capitalist. Through perseverance and the right mindset, Stailey was able to transform his life and achieve greatness. In this blog post, we will delve into Stailey’s journey and explore how he unleashed his success story.

The Beginning of the Entrepreneurial Journey

Stailey Tanjutco was once a struggling entrepreneur. He had a passion for entrepreneurship but was not sure how to go about it. Stailey had tried various ventures in the past but had not found any success. It was at this point that he decided to take a step back and evaluate his strategies.

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The Mindset Change That Made All the Difference

Stailey realized that he had been approaching his entrepreneurial ventures from a negative mindset. He made a mindset change and began focusing on the positive aspects of his ventures. He started tracking his progress and celebrating his small wins. This mindset change was what made all the difference.

The Turning Point

The turning point for Stailey’s success came when he discovered the world of venture capitalism. He realized that he could be a part of something much bigger than himself and his ventures. Stailey started investing in businesses and working closely with the founders of these businesses. His experience in entrepreneurship helped him to evaluate the viability of these ventures.

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The Recipe for Success

Stailey’s recipe for success was simple yet effective. He invested in businesses that aligned with his values and mission. He worked closely with the founders to help them achieve success. Stailey also focused on building long-term relationships with the people he worked with.

The First Million

Stailey’s hard work and dedication paid off when he made his first million as a venture capitalist. He had found success in an industry that he was passionate about and was able to make a positive impact on the businesses he invested in.

Stailey’s Perspective on Failure

For Stailey, failure was never an option. While he experienced setbacks along the way, he always focused on learning from his mistakes and moving forward. Stailey believes that failure is an essential part of achieving success.

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1. What is venture capitalism?
Venture capitalism is a type of investment where an individual or firm invests in small businesses or start-ups in exchange for ownership or equity.

2. How did Stailey make his first million?
Stailey made his first million as a venture capitalist by investing in businesses that aligned with his mission and working closely with the founders to achieve success.

3. What is Stailey’s recipe for success?
Stailey’s recipe for success is simple yet effective. He invests in businesses that align with his values, builds strong relationships with the founders, and focuses on long-term success.

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4. What was the turning point in Stailey’s career?
The turning point in Stailey’s career was when he discovered venture capitalism. He realized that he could make a positive impact on businesses and align his passion for entrepreneurship with his investments.

5. How does Stailey approach failure?
For Stailey, failure is an essential part of achieving success. He believes in learning from his mistakes and moving forward with a positive attitude.

6. What advice would Stailey give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
Stailey’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to focus on building relationships and aligning their ventures with their values. He also encourages entrepreneurs to adopt a positive mindset and approach failure as a learning opportunity.

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7. How has Stailey made an impact as a venture capitalist?
Stailey has made an impact as a venture capitalist by investing in businesses that align with his mission and values. He has helped these businesses achieve success and build a positive impact in their respective industries.


Stailey Tanjutco’s success story is a testament to the power of a positive mindset and perseverance. Through his journey, Stailey has shown us that success is possible with the right mindset, relationships, and investments. As we embark on our own entrepreneurial journeys, let us keep Stailey’s words of wisdom in mind, and unleash our own success stories.

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