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March 25, 2023


Who doesn’t love to explore the hidden talents of famous people? We often hear about famous actors and actresses who are known for their on-screen performances, but we never get to know their versatile skills behind-the-scenes. Similarly, Alyssa Chia, a popular Taiwanese actress, has much more to offer than her entertaining character roles. In this blog post, we will explore the different facets of Alyssa Chia that will leave you surprised and inspired.

The Actress Turned Skilled Cook

Alyssa Chia is not only a talented actress but also a passionate cook. She has been able to showcase her culinary skills on various cooking shows in Taiwan. Alyssa’s love for food and cooking has allowed her to develop her own recipes for healthy eating. She believes in incorporating fresh and organic ingredients into her recipes to ensure a healthy lifestyle for her family and fans.

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The Multifaceted Musician

Apart from acting and cooking, Alyssa Chia is also a multitalented musician. She is a trained guitarist and can play various instruments like the piano, drums, and harmonica. Her love for music encouraged her to release an album titled “Oh My Chia” in 2019. The album included songs written by Alyssa herself and showcased her soulful voice and creative talent.

The Yoga Enthusiast

Alyssa Chia’s has a strong belief in healthy living, which she practices in all aspects of her life. She is an avid follower of yoga and has been practicing it for more than a decade. She believes that yoga has helped her to stay focused, calm, and centered throughout her personal and professional life.

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Alyssa Chia has a natural flair for entrepreneurship and investing. She started her clothing line and named it “Chia Alyssa.” The brand reflects her modern, minimalist, and elegant fashion sense. Similarly, Alyssa has made smart investments in the real estate market, which has proven to be very successful and lucrative for her.

The Loving Mother and Wife

Apart from all her professional achievements, Alyssa Chia is known to be a loving and devoted mother to her three beautiful children and a supportive wife to her husband. She believes in providing love, support, and quality time to her family to create a happy and harmonious life.

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Q. What made Alyssa Chia pursue a career in acting?
A. Alyssa Chia had a natural flair for acting and decided to pursue it as a career. She was attracted to the versatility and creativity of acting.

Q. What inspired Alyssa Chia to become a passionate cook?
A. Alyssa Chia was raised in a family where food and cooking were highly valued. Her passion for cooking goes back to her childhood, where she developed her skills by helping her mother in the kitchen.

Q. How did Alyssa Chia develop her interest in music?
A. Alyssa Chia grew up listening to different genres of music, which sparked her love for music. She started playing guitar at an early age and later learned to play other instruments.

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Q. Why does Alyssa Chia believe in healthy living?
A. Alyssa Chia believes that healthy living is essential for a happy, peaceful, and successful life. She practices yoga, eats organic food, and maintains an active lifestyle which has kept her energetic and focused.

Q. How did Alyssa Chia venture into entrepreneurship?
A. Alyssa Chia has always been interested in fashion and used the opportunity to launch her clothing line “Chia Alyssa.” She is also a smart investor and has invested her money wisely in real estate.

Q. How does Alyssa Chia balance her professional and personal life?
A. Alyssa Chia believes in prioritizing her family and ensures that she spends quality time with them. She also manages her professional commitments effectively to maintain a healthy balance between her work and family life.

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Q. What does Alyssa Chia want to achieve in the future?
A. Alyssa Chia remains focused on maintaining her healthy lifestyle while growing her business ventures. She also aims to explore different genres of music and expand her repertoire as a musician.


Alyssa Chia’s multifaceted talents, alongside her passion for healthy living and devotion to her family, make her an inspiring role model for people of all ages. Alyssa is a living testament that with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude, one can achieve anything in life. Her story encourages us to explore our passions and push ourselves beyond our limits. Alyssa Chia indeed proves to be a true inspiration for generations to come.

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